8 bits only: Let’s build a router, part 2

What is IP

IPv6 packet header breakdown
datagram packet switching

How does IP work?


e.g. Creating two distinct ranges of IP addresses from one by using subnetting

That’s all great, but…..

Static IP and DHCP

Traffic to addresses of form 192.168.0.* to eth1

Traffic to addresses of form 192.168.1.* to eth2

Traffic to addresses of form 192.168.2.* to eth3

sudo ifup <interface name>

A router using a router to be a router…

Setting up a DHCP server

sudo apt install isc-dhcp-server.

It’s also worth noting that IP addresses assigned by each interface will be in the same subnet as that network interface. (e.g. interface assigns IP addresses of form 192.168.1.*, same for other two interfaces). This is important because it means any traffic intended for the interfaces assigned these IPs which goes to our router will be forwarded to the switch shared by those interfaces and the router, because of our earlier configuration of the subnets for each of the router’s network interfaces, which routes all traffic in the subnet to the corresponding interface.

Sudo systemctl restart isc-dhcp-server

Is that it?

Looking Forward




Working on storage management and infrastructure at Azure SQL

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Aashray Anand

Aashray Anand

Working on storage management and infrastructure at Azure SQL

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