8 bits only: Let’s build a router, part 3

Our network configuration

The key takeaway from last time was that although we had made some progress with intra-network communication within each VLAN, we still could not do any inter-networking, and by extension, could not connect to the Internet (except from the router, of course).

We need inter-networking so we can…..use 3 computers at once?!

Let’s talk a little ARP

It’s important to reiterate that ARP is not an ephemeral process. IP addresses constantly change, whether you switch from using cellular data to a wi-fi network, or drive across town while using your same device, or even just that your DHCP configured IP has expired and a new one has been issued. For this reason, ARP requests are constantly being issued by all devices, to maintain a consistent cache.

Let’s do some routing

Routing is typically disabled by default. Devices with routing enabled are the links between the countless local area networks that make up the Internet.

…and just like that, we have inter-networking!

so what do we do now?

Out the back door with iptables and NAT

Something like that…
IP masquerading, visualized.

The manipulation and filtering of packets is part of the networking layer implemented by the OS, but there are tools which allow for end users to execute actions in the user space, that can modify the actions taken by the networking layer. For Linux, the module that implements this is known as netfilter, and the command exposed to users is known as iptables.

To enable IP masquerading, we need to modify our router’s NAT table, like below:

What else can we do with iptables?

Looking Forward




Working on storage management and infrastructure at Azure SQL

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Aashray Anand

Aashray Anand

Working on storage management and infrastructure at Azure SQL

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