8 bits only: What is Cryptography?

What are keys?

  • Without publicizing encryption schemes, it is much harder to form standardized mechanisms for encryption atop existing protocols.
  • Publicizing encryption schemes leads to significantly more peer-reviewing of the algorithms, and in turn, increased robustness.
  • If exposed, it is much easier to replace a key, than an entire encryption scheme.
  • Even with best efforts, it is difficult to keep an entire encryption scheme secret, compared to just a key.
Credit: Intro. to Modern Cryptography, Katz

What is a cryptographic key?

It’s not that simple, right?

  • Is the same key used for encrypting and decrypting a message?
  • How do we initially share the keys that we use to encrypt the messages on a channel, over that very same channel? Is this even possible?
  • Do we use the same keys for encryption of channels with many different parties?




Working on storage management and infrastructure at Azure SQL

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Aashray Anand

Aashray Anand

Working on storage management and infrastructure at Azure SQL

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